Dear Colleagues and Friends,

In medical surgery teaching, simulation of all types, from digital simulators and preclinical models to practical training on cadavers, is leading the way in an instructional revolution, and bringing about new ways of thinking about the acquisition and validation of skills in a quality assurance process which respects international norms.

Since its creation in 2013, the annual European surgery simulation workshops organized by Nancy-Lorraine School of Surgery have gone from strength to strength, surpassing our expectations in terms of attendance, international image and medico-scientific impact.

This great experience brings together people of all ages, from various disciplines, from public and private spheres, from institutions and industry. This year’s edition will offer a learning environment that is richer still in medico-surgical simulation equipment, with new simulators complementing the existing setup, and forming a state-of-the art place to train. Our strong point, as well as our warm welcome, lies in favoring as much hands-on practice as possible, with interactive discussions and assessment of progress.

Come and discover the wealth of learning opportunities that this new edition affords. All specialties will be present: ENT, gynecology, ophthalmology, implantology, vascular surgery, interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery, digestive surgery, orthopedic and arthroscopic surgery. We will also be promoting multidisciplinary robotic surgery through a number of master classes. Veterinary surgery training will also figure prominently in the program.

Join us and experience the learning techniques and technologies of the future. .

Warm Regards,

Your organizing committee

Coordinators : Dr. N. Tran & Pr. L. Bresler

Pr. P. Ambrosini, Pr. K. Angioi, Pr. M. Braun, Dr. P. Bravetti, Pr. L. Brunaud, Pr. F.Chabot, Pr. C. Doddoli, Pr. T. Folliguet, Dr. R. Frisoni, Dr. D. Joseph,
Pr. P. Liverneaux, Dr. J. Maire, Pr. S. Malikov, Pr. F. Marchal, Dr. P. Maureira,
Dr. C. Mezan-De-Malartic, Pr. O. Morel, Dr. B. Orsini, Pr. C. Parietti-Winkler,
Dr. A. Piccardo, Dr. B. Popovic, Dr. E. Portocarerro, Dr. C. Perrenot ,
Dr. C. Rumeau, Dr. N. Settembre, Pr. F. Sirveaux, Pr. F. Thaveau,
Pr. J.P. Villemot

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