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RI.1. Impact of fluid resuscitation with hypertonic-hydroxyethyl starch versus lactated

ringer on hemorheology and microcirculation in hemorrhagic shock.

Guerci P, Tran N, Menu P, Losser MR, Meistelman C, Longrois D.

Clin Hemorheol Microcirc. 2012 Dec 27. [Epub ahead of print]

RI.2. Prior experience in micro-surgery may improve the surgeon’s performance in robotic

surgical training.

Perez M., Perrenot C., Tran N., Felblinger J., Hubert J.

Int. J. Med. Robot Comp., 2013, in press


RI.3. Effects of a TREM-Like Trancript-1 derived peptide during hypodynamic septic shock

in pigs.

Derive M., Boufenzer A., Bouazza Y., Groubatch F., Alauzet C., Barraud D.,

Lozniewski A., Leroy P., Tran N., Gibot S.

Shock, 2013, in press


RI.4. Mechanical properties degradation of a PLGA-PLCL composite scaffold for ligament

tissue engineering under static and dynamic in vitro culture conditions.

Kahn J. F. C., Ziani K., Zhang Y.M., Liu J., Tran N., Babin J., De-Isla N., Six JL.,

Wang X.

J. Biomater. Science: Polymer Edition, 2013, in press.

RI.5. Sustained myocardial perfusion outside the transplanted sites in chronic myocardial

infarction after stem cell transplantation.

Maureira P., Marie PY., Liu J., Yu F., Poussier S., Groubatch F., Falanga A., Karcher

G., Tran N.

Int. J. Cardiovasc. Imaging, 2013. in press


RI.6. Repairing chronic myocardial infarction with autologous mesenchymal stem cells

engineered tissue in rat promotes angiogenesis and limits ventricular remodeling.

Maureira P., Marie PY., Yu F., Poussier S., Liu J., Groubatch F., Falanga A., Tran N.

J. Biomed. Science, 19(1):93, 2012.

RI.7. Contribution of robot-assisted surgery in the management of female infertility.

Muhlstein J, Monceau E, Lamy C, Tran N, Marchal F, Judlin P, Malartic C, Morel O.

J Gynecol Obstet Biol Reprod (Paris). 2012 Jun 20. [Epub ahead of print]

RI.8. The virtual reality simulator dV-Trainer® is a valid assessment tool for robotic

surgical skills.

Perrenot C. Perez M., Tran N., Jehl JP., Felblinger J., Bresler L., Hubert J.

Surgical Endosc., 2012, Apr 5. [Epub ahead of print]

RI.9. Residual viability is a predictor of the perfusion enhancement obtained with the cell

therapy of chronic myocardial infarction: a pilot multimodal imaging study.

Maureira P., Tran N., Djaballah W., Angioï M., Bensoussan D., Didot N., Fay R.,

Sadoul N., Villemot JP., Marie PY.

Clin. Nucl. Med., 37(8):738-42, 2012.

RI.10. Modified Bentall Procedure using two short grafts for coronary reimplantation: long

term results.

Maureira P., Vanhuyse F., Martin C., Lekehal M., Carteaux JP., Tran N., Villemot JP.

Ann. Thoracic Surg., 93(2):443-9, 2012.

RI.11. Experimental model of naturally occurring post-radiation sarcoma: interest of Positron

Emission Tomography (PET) for early detection.

Phulpin B., Tran N., Leroux A., Poussier S., Marie P.Y., Pinel S., Huger S., Henrot

P., Gallet P., Blaise C., Bravetti P., Graff P., Merlin J.L., Dolivet G.

J. Radiat. Res., 53(1):101-9, 2012.

RI.12. Long-term alterations of cytokines and growth factors expression in irradiated tissues

and relation with histological severity scoring.

Gallet P., Phulpin B., Merlin JL., Leroux A., Bravetti P., Mecellem H., Tran N.,

Dolivet G.

Plos One, 6(12):e29399, 2011.

RI.13. Feasibility of treating irradiated bone with intramedullary delivered autologous

mesenchymal stem cells.

Phulpin B., Dolivet G., Marie P.Y., Poussier S., Huger S., Bravetti P., Graff P., Merlin

J.L., Tran N.

J. Biomed. Biotech. 2011, 2011:560257. Epub Aug 29.

RI.14. Long term culture of mesenchymal stem cells in hypoxia promotes a genetic program

maintaining their undifferentiated and multipotent status.

Basciano L., Nemos C., Foliguet B., de Isla N., de Carvalho M., Tran N., Dalloul A.

BMC Cell Biol., 30: 12:12, 2011.

RI.15. Study of expansion of porcine bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells on microcarriers

using various operating conditions.

Ferrari C, Balandras F, Guedon E, Olmos E, Tran N, Chevalot I, Marc A.

BMC Proc., Nov 22;5 Suppl 8:P100, 2011.

RI.16. A poly-lactic-co-glycolic knitted scaffold for tendon tissue engineering: an in vitro and

in vivo study.

Vaquette C, Slimani S, Kahn C, Tran N, Rahouadj R, Wang X.

J. Biomater. Science: Polymer Edition, (21): 1737-1760, 2010.

RI.17. Re-assessment of chronic radio-induced tissue damage in a rat hindlimb model.

Phulpin B, Dolivet G, Marie PY, Poussier S, Gallet P, Leroux A, Graff P, Groubach F,

Bravetti P, Merlin JL, Tran N.

Exp. Ther. Med, 1: 560, 2010.

RI.18. Left main coronary disease treated by direct surgical angioplasty: long-term results.

Maureira P, Vanhuyse F, Lekehal M, Tran N, Carteaux J.P, Villemot J.P.

Ann. Thoracic Surgery, 89(4):1151-7, 2010.

RI.19. ECG-triggered 18F-Fluorodesoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography imaging of

the rat heart is dramatically enhanced by acipimox.

Poussier S, Maskali F; Tran N, Person C, Maureira P, Boutley H, Karcher G,

Lacolley P, Régnault V, Fay R, Marie P.Y.

Eur. J. Nucl. Med. and Molecular Imaging. 37(9): 1745-1750, 2010.

RI.20. Radiofrequency ablation of retained placenta accreta after conservative management:

preliminary evaluation in the pregnant ewe and in normal human placenta in vitro.

Morel O, Monceau E, Tran N, Malartic C, Morel F, Barranger E, Côté JF, Gayat E,

Chavatte-Palmer P, Cabrol D, Tsatsaris V.

BJOG.,116(7):915-22, 2009.

RI.21. Rehabilitation of head and neck irradiated tissues by autologous fat transplantation.

Phulpin B, Gangloff P, Tran N, Bravetti P, Merlin JL, Dolivet G.

Plast. Reconstruct. Surg., 123(4):1187-97, 2009.

RI.22. Relationship between Prostaglandine E2 and Leukotriene B4 tissues levels,

inflammation and morphology in hyperplastic and cancerous prostates.

Larré S., Tran N., Fan C., Hamadeh H., Champigneules J., Azzouzi R., Cussenot O.,

Mangin P., Olivier JL.

Prostag. Oth. Lipid. M.,. 87: 14-19, 2008.

RI.23. Cyclic stretching promotes collagen synthesis and affects F-actin distribution in rat

mesenchymal stem cells.

Zhang L, Tran N, Chen HQ, Wang X.

Biomed Mater Eng. 18 (4-5):205-10, 2008.

RI.24. Nine year routine clinical experiences of aortic valve replacement with ATS Medical

mechanical valves.

Villemot JP, Lekehal M, Maureira P, Sirbu C, Carteaux JP, Tran N.

J. Heart and Valve Disease, 17:648-656, 2008.

RI.25. Effect of uniaxial stretching on rat bone mesenchymal stem cell: Orientation and

expressions of collagen types I and III and tenascin-C.

Zhang L, Kahn CJ, Chen HQ, Tran N., Wang X.

Cell Biol Int., 32(3):344-52, 2008.

RI.26. Time related changes in the expressions of collagen types I & III and tenascin-C in rat

bone mesenchymal stem cells under co-culture with ligament fibroblasts or uniaxial


Zhang L., Tran N., Chen HQ., Kahn C.J.F., Marchal S., Frederique G., Wang X.

Cell and Tissue Research, 332(1):101-9, 2008.

RI.27. Radiofrequency-driven cord occlusion for selective termination of pregnancy:

Evaluation on the fetal sheep.

Morel O., Tran N., Barranger E., Foliguet B., Chastant-Maillard S., Judlin P.,

Villemot JP., Thiebaugeorges O.

Am J Obstet Gynecol,. 198(2):227.e1-5. 2008.

RI.28. Intramyocardial Implantation of Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells Enhances

Perfusion in Chronic Myocardial Infarction: Dependency on Initial Perfusion Depth

and Follow-up Assessed by Gated Pinhole-SPECT.

Tran N., Franken PR., Maskali F., Poussier S., Maureira P., Nloga J., Groubatch F.,

Vanhove C., Villemot JP., Marie PY.

J. Nucl. Med., 48: 405-412, 2007.

RI.29. Feasibility of in vivo dual-energy myocardial SPECT for monitoring the distribution

of transplanted cells in relation to the infarction site.

Tran N., Poussier S., Franken PR., Maskali F., Groubatch F., Vanhove C., Antunes,

L., Karcher G., Villemot JP., Marie PY.

Eur. J. Nucl.Med., 33:709-15, 2006.

RI.30. Short term heart retention and distribution of intramyocardial delivered mesenchymal

cells within necrotic or intact myocardium.

Tran N., Li Y., Maskali F., Antunes L., Maureira P., Nloga J., Laurens MH., Marie

PY., Karcher G., Groubatch F. Lacrouts T., Stoltz JF., Villemot JP.

Cell Transplantation, 15:351-8, 2006.

RI.31. Initial infarct size predicts subsequent cardiac remodeling in the rat infarct model: an

in vivo Pinhole Gated-SPECT study.

Maskali F., Franken PR., Poussier S., Tran N., Vanhove C., Boutley H., Le Gall H.,

Karcher G., Zannad F., Lacolley P., Marie PY.

J Nucl Med, 44 (2): 337-344, 2006.

RI.32. Ultrasound-guided radiofrequency-driven umbilical cord occlusion: an in-vitro study.

Morel O., Tran N., Marchal F., Villemot JP. Thiebaugeorges O.

Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, 28: 187-192, 2006.

*RI. : Revue Internationale

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